The Founder
Founded by Undefeated Professional Boxer George Foreman III

Craft Boxing is the result of George Foreman III's lifelong passion for boxing training. A Craft workout includes all of the elements of a fighter's training camp - to make you physically, mentally and emotionally stronger.

Authentic Boxing Training Programs
Delivered by Elite Boxing Coaches
George Foreman III
Craft Boxing Workout
The Framework
Built on the Fundamental Pillars of a Real Boxing Training Camp

Craft Boxing workouts incorporate boxing technique, combinations on the punching bag, strengh training, and cardio conditioning.

Improve Technique & Conditoning
With group classes & small group training
The Franchise
Designed to Change Lives & Foster Community, Anywhere in the World

We celebrate the profound healing power of boxing. We recognize that boxing transcends physicality, becoming a catalyst for personal growth and transformation in and outside of the gym.

Build confidence, discipline and character
Join a community of others on the same journey
Craft Boxing Club Franchise


Craft Boxing

Authenticity & Lineage

LinesDesigned by professional boxer George Foreman III, son of boxing legend George Foreman, Craft Boxing offers an experience built from experience.


Sense of Community

CircleNo matter where you come from, Craft Boxing provides a home for all. Leave your troubles or triumphs at the door, because at Craft, we are all equal.


Mind & Body

RhombusCraft Boxing builds your physical strength while honing your mental strength so you can tackle life head-on.