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What is included in the Training Camp Membership?

Our membership includes unlimited access to our Training Library of workout and technique videos, all of our Training Camp programming (released seasonally), and access to purchase premium Private Training and Small Group Sessions both online and in our members-only Clubs. Members earn Craft Coins for completing workouts both online and in-club, which they can spend on premium services or apparel and equipment.

What are Camps?

Camps are curated boxing programs designed by expert coaches around a particular topic or theme. Each Camp has programmed assignments for you to complete, which will increase your skills, enhance your understanding of boxing, and improve your fitness level.

How Do I Attend a Live Event?

Start by checking out the live event schedule. We offer free members-only events as well as premium small group events that you can purchase with Craft Coins. You will see on the live schedule listing whether an event requires purchase or is free for members, and you will also see whether an event requires pre-enrollment. If the event does require pre-enrollment you can simply click the 'Enroll' button to add yourself to the list. Events that require pre-enrollment will have the option to turn your web cam on for live feedback from the coach, while events that do not require pre-enrollment will be broadcast without two-way cameras. There is a chatroom on every live event so you can connect with others in the community while participating.

How Do I Book Private Training?

To book a private session or group of sessions you can start by visiting the Trainers page and selecting your Trainer. Sessions can be purchased with Craft Coins, and you receive greater discounts when you buy bulk Coin packages. You can schedule your sessions on the Trainer's page, and view or cancel your scheduled sessions on your Account page. Virtual sessions take place over Zoom and you will see the Zoom link on your Account page as well as in your email inbox.

How Do I Add a Workout to my Favorites?

Click on the small heart icon on the lower left side of the page while you are viewing a workout to add it to your favorites. You can view your favorites on your Account page.

How Do I Track Which Workouts I've Completed?

The on-demand workouts and live events you complete are automatically tracked to your profile - with the on-demand workouts appearing under the Completed tab on your Account page. Rounds are automatically awarded to you based on which workouts you complete and which live events you attend.

What are Craft Coins?

Craft Coins are our digital currency and rewards program created to deliver a more seamless online and in-club experience. Outside of the $29.99 monthly membership everything we offer can be purchased with Craft Coins. You can buy Coins in bulk to save up to 20% off all products and services you purchase, and those Coins can be spent on Private Training or Small Group Sessions - virtually or in any of our Club locations - as well as Apparel or Equipment. You earn Craft Coins for completing workouts both online and in-person, and can spend those Coins however you would like.

How Can I Earn Craft Coins?

You earn 1 Craft Coin ($10 value) for every 300 rounds you complete. Each on-demand workout video and live event is worth a certain number of rounds, and you will automatically earn rounds when you complete on-demand workouts and live events. You will also automatically earn your Coin after every 300 rounds completed - you can view your rounds and Coin balance on your Account page.

What are the Music Options on the Workout Videos?

We offer longer workout videos with a music option and a no music option. The music option includes generic music edited into the workout, while the no music option allows you to play your own songs on any app or external device you would like, while still being able to hear the coach's instruction.

How Can I Join a Training Camp Message Board?

Every Training Camp program has its own message board that you can join to read or participate in the community discussion, as well as follow or direct message other members. You can access a Camp's message board by going to the Camp page or going directly to the Community and clicking on 'Camps' in the left sidebar. Once you arrive at the Camp message board click 'Join Camp' to stay updated on the activity on the board.

How Can I Report a Technical Issue?

If you are experiencing a technical issue please email us at or text us at +1 818 237 4850 and we will try to resolve it immediately.

How Can I Save the Craft Boxing Site as an App on my Phone or Desktop?

If you visit from a computer using the chrome browser you can click the little plus sign on the right of the url bar to install Craft Boxing as an app on your desktop. If you are on a mobile phone you can follow this guide to add Craft Boxing as an app on your home screen.

How Can I Track Which Training Camp Days I've Completed?

You can check off each day of the Training Camp program on the Camp page by selecting the Week and clicking the check mark icon to the right of the day.

What Are Rounds and How Do I Earn Them?

Each on-demand video and live workout is worth a certain number of rounds. You can see the rounds number listed on the video in the Training Library or on the Live Schedule. You will automatically receive the rounds when you complete the video or live event and you can see how many rounds you have on your Account page.

How Often Are Camps Released?

We release a new curated boxing Training Camp program every season. Each release comes with a library of workouts, a pre-programmed schedule, and a limited edition apparel/equipment collection.

How Do I Purchase a Membership or Craft Coins as a Gift?

You can purchase a 1 month non-renewing membership or a pack of Craft Coins by visiting our gifting page. Your gift purchase will be emailed to the recipient so they can claim it easily online.

How Can I Share a Free Workout with a Friend?

Every time you complete a workout video you will see a one-time-use link generated underneath the video that you can copy and paste to a friend who can then access that same workout video free of charge.

How Do I Cancel my Membership?

You can easily cancel your membership by clicking 'Cancel' on the left side of your Account page, right underneath your name and email. Your membership will not renew after you cancel, and you will still have access until the current month that has already been paid for expires.

What is the Return Policy for Apparel & Equipment?

We offer 100% free shipping and returns within the continental US. You can return apparel or equipment for any reason within 30 days of purchase using our streamlined returns portal.

How Do I View What I Have Spent Coins On?

You can view a log of all of your Craft Coin transactions on the bottom of your Account page.