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Craft the best version of Yourself

We believe Boxing is Healing

We recognize that boxing transcends physicality, becoming a catalyst for personal growth and transformation. We provide a safe space for people to confront anxiety, depression, and poor health habits. By pushing themselves physically, members develop unwavering confidence, courage, and self-belief. Craft Boxing Clubs is more than a training ground; it's a platform for individuals to discover their true potential, fostering power, fun, belonging, and self-actualization. Join us and experience the transformative journey of boxing, unlocking a brighter, more fulfilling life.

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Craft Yourself is held at Craft Boxing Club Calabasas and is led by Suzi Landolphi, a Licensed Therapist, who will guide you through mental health training. Craft Yourself is based on the same principles as our boxing training: you become better with practice, consistency, mindfulness, and commitment to being your best self. Free for GOLD Members.


A Community focused on emotional health

Craft Boxing Coaches are not your typical fitness instructors. They are coaches committed to bringing out the best in their fighters - whether that means building self-confidence, practicing discipline, or strengthening character. Our team is dedicated to helping each member improve not only their physical bodies but also their mental and emotional health so they can show up stronger in every aspect of their lives.

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Mental & Emotional Health are pillars of Performance

"When I began my journey as a professional boxer I realized that relying solely on physical training wouldn't suffice to reach my peak performance. I came to understand that the way I lived my life directly influenced how I fought in the ring. Simply put, how I live, is how I fight. Motivated by this insight, I embarked on a quest to uncover the key to holistic well-being. In my pursuit, I joined forces with Suzi Landolphi, a licensed therapist and expert in emotional health. Together, we meticulously crafted a transformative class called 'Craft Yourself', which offers a comprehensive range of emotional health skills, drills, and exercises. This program equips people with the necessary tools to navigate life's daily battles both within and outside the boxing ring. Our ultimate purpose is to help participants foster emotional resilience and enhance their overall well-being."

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