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Boxing training isn't just throwing punches. Your training will also include ROADWORK (walking & running) to improve your aerobic conditioning and endurance, BODYWORK (strength training) to build muscle primarily in your lower body and enhance your power, as well as a heavy focus on core strength and fat burning through interval training. Your BAGWORK training will teach you how to properly box, and SHADOWBOXING (with jumping rope mixed in) will build your confidence, improve your technique, and enhance your athleticism. Equipment is always optional, we recommend a punching bag, boxing gloves, a medicine ball and a jump rope

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Our Coaches are highly experienced boxing trainers with years of dedication to the Craft. Each of our Coaches has trained under George Foreman III, former professional fighter (16-0) and son of heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr. Our training team has a depth of knowledge when it comes to conditioning fighters and properly teaching boxing technique.

Complete a Boxing Training Camp

Our training camps are 5 weeks long and focus on building power by strengthening muscles throughout your lower body, as well as building the core strength that is essential to boxing. You will learn the fundamentals of boxing technique and progress to more difficult skills as you learn. Our BODYWORK workouts will help you build muscle and burn fat, while our ROADWORK workouts will improve your endurance and aerobic conditioning through interval running, jogging or walking.

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