Craft Boxing Personal Training

Online Boxing Fitness Classes

Authentic Training

technique & conditioning delivered by coaches with years of experience

In Any Timezone

we record most live classes so you can watch them on-demand

Webcam Optional

you can leave your camera off or turn it on to get live feedback


go 8 rounds on the heavy bag to increase your power and perfect your technique

equipment: punching bag, boxing gloves

duration: 8 rounds | 40 mins

Online Boxing Classes


build fundamental strength & improve your core conditioning in this full-body class

equipment optional medicine ball

duration 8 rounds | 40 mins

Boxing Core Training


increase your endurance and improve your form in this interval running class

equipment run outdoors or on the treadmill

duration 8 rounds | 40 mins

Boxing Strength Training


alternate between shadowboxing and jumping rope for a high-intensity, low-impact workout

equipment jump rope

duration 8 rounds | 40 mins

Shadowboxing Classes


take the time to properly recover in this 4 round stretching & mobility class

equipment optional mat

duration 4 rounds | 20 mins