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Craft Boxing is Real Boxing

Craft Boxing was founded by professional fighter George Foreman III. George and his team of elite boxing coaches have experience training fighters of all levels, and share a passion for changing people's lives through the principles and practice of authentic boxing training. While you will never get hit or hit someone in a Craft Boxing group class, you'll learn to eventually master the fundamentals of boxing through technique, bagwork, strength training & conditioning.

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Boxing Technique

Perfect your punches with a focus on the fundamentals every class


Practice real boxing combinations on the heavy bag & uppercut bag

Boxing Strength

Build functional strength with weighted & bodyweight exercises

Boxing Conditioning

Improve your endurance & stamina with cardio intervals

Craft Boxing is more than physical

Craft Boxing is a community built around the belief that people can transform their lives through boxing training. We are committed to creating spaces where every person, no matter what they face in their lives, can find the tools and the support they need to craft a better version of themselves.

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Boxing Gloves & Wraps
All Levels

Craft Boxing classes are designed to challenge you mentally & phsyically no matter your fitness level or boxing experience. Beginners welcome!

Boxing Gloves & Wraps
Gloves & Wraps

You will need hand wraps and boxing gloves for Craft Boxing classes. We sell quick wraps, standard wraps and a variety of boxing gloves in the club.

Arrive Early
Come Early

Arrive 10 minutes early for your first class to check in, meet your coach and get your hands wrapped. If you're buying gloves arrive 15 minutes early.